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Friday, March 5, 2010

Yankees Hut Ikan Bakar

Hye uols!!! =D As usual la eh, food review time!!
Dis time, I headed to Bangi to try out ikan bakar at dis place, Yankees Hut Ikan Bakar.
If any of u penah read my earlier post bout Restoran Rimba Klasik, Yankees ni is juz behind da restaurant. I heard bout dis place frm frens n family, so I decided to try it out.

Na masok Yankees ni, kna masok dalam ckett..Ni sb dia b4 entering da place..
'T' is missin..=D

Teratak Ikan Bakar/Yankees Hut =D 'I' pn missing..
lurveee da reflection...=D

Menu special: Ikan Bakar
Tp sayang, kitorg xmkn ikan bakar pn...isk3 =(

Wut's so special bout dis place??
  • K firstly, tempat dia luass sgt sgt sgt..u can choose na dok mana2 pn..Ada byk place u can dok..Ada open space, closed space(seswai na berdua2an =p), place where kita na dok bersimpuh..senang citer tempat ni mmg sgt luas r..=D
  • Decoration of da place yg sgt sgt sgt menarik n peacefull..ala2 kampung gitu..=D
  • Open kitchen ( I alwiz lurvvee restaurant yg open kitchen, rase tertarik dpt nmpk camne dorg cook =D)
Ok, so these are all luaran bru, let's see camne layanan from staff lak..
  • Staffs r soooo not friendly, org na oder tu senyum2 la cket, bg la rekemendation pe yg patut..Ni x, muka masam, pastu bila org tanye,jawab cam na xna,suara pn xkuar..
  • Lagi, service agak lmbt, Lambat cket na dpt kitorg nye food..=(

See?? Told ya dis place is nice..=)

Camwhoring2 sbb lmbt sgt na dpt mknan..=D
Air ada mcm2 size: yg dlm pic diatas size biasa @rm2.50
Size yg ada : Daddy, Jumbo and Jug
Nama size Daddy yg xleh blah tu..=p

Ok,then food arrived,disbbkan kitorg xcukup ramai,so xleh la na rasa ikan bakar dia..cuz nnt x habis lak, so order yg biasa2 je..=D

Nasi goreng U.S.A @ RM7

Tomyam campur @RM5.80

Nasi goreng paprik@RM6.50

Bihun tomyam@RM5.50

Em, mknan dia not bad xleh na rate cuz xdpt na taste ikan bakar dia..gpun nama dia pun Yankees IKAN BAKAR kan.So kena la rasa ikan bakar dia..Next time, na pegi ramai2 n rasa ikan bakar dia,bru puas!!=D K guys,wait for my next entry ya! =D

C ya! =D

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sri Niara Seafood Restaurant (7.5 stars)

Food review food review!! Went to Taman Melawati to pick up some things at a friend's house.Made a stop at dis restaurant. Reasonable price..

From outside, it looks meriah.

Comfy family restaurant

The main attraction: Bihun Tomyam Chiangmai @ RM4.50
Shedap!! Mmg kaw punya!!! =)

Kueyteow ladna @ RM4.50

Mee goreng @ RM3.50
Mmg rasa kicap habis!

7.5 bintang only cuz yg sedap nye juz tomyam nye aje. Yg len not bad, but next time i'l come ere, i'l order tomyam je.. =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Look

Juz na announce my blog has a new look as all of u can see clearly.. ada byk choices for my new look n it all comes down to these 2 finalists: either this one

or this one
And the wiinnnerrr isss: !!!! U all can see sendiri la kan..=)

But then, I found out one side of me: I juz realize dat I like POLKA-DOTS! =)

Dis is juz an announcement of da day,nuthin to do wit dead or alive people,juz na announce blogku udeh bertukar wajah =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Naili's Place

Food review time!! Went to a restaurant nearby my house with my family. It's called Naili's Place at Ampang. Kat area Ampang Point. Restoran nye kt hujung skali kt blok antara Old Town ngan RHB Bank.Bru skang dpt wut review:

Naili's Place, Ampang ( 9 out of 10 bintang) =)

Chocolate ice-blended

Close-up image

Fish n Chip

Side order: Potato wedges
(even better than KFC haha but it's juz my own perception,dunno bout u =p)

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

I reali lurve dis place. It's food is awesome, x penah lagi la taste anythin yg leh lawan dis place.
Da place is magnificent..pretty, decoration yg menarik with lighting yg da bomb..haha =p
Got WIFI n a reali good place to hang out, lepak2 king.. =)
For the price, well..quite pricey, emmm tapi xde la pricey sgt, ok je la, but really worth it la cuz da food is delicious n I dun lie to you when I said it's really good!

I hope dis review helps..=) (hehe bajet cam rmy org baca je blog ni..hehe =p) =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

::Cameron trip with familia::

Remember my last post? Part yg cakap x pg holiday kat cameron tu..Well, we were lucky cuz da next day my dad tried callin da hotels n one of da hotels has vacancy. So, me, my sis, n abah bertolak la na ke Ipoh na pick up my mom n my bro.

Havin breakfast b4 bertolak..haiyaaaa na pergi holiday pown busy lg kew??? =p

Then, kitorg bertolak ke Ipoh to pick up my mom n my bro, then off la ke Cameron..Jln can expect la, agak sesak, tp plg xleh blah bila da smpy atas tu mmg sesak na mampus!!Byk giler keta n mostly Chinese la..Dorg ni time raya dok umah diam2 r agih2 angpow..Mmg sgt sesak, takes like 1 1/2 hrs na smpy ke hotel kitorg..

A lil bit adegan2 di Cameron:

Lovey-dovey couple♥

Me n my lil bro

My preggie sis

Sempat lg shopping kt nite market kt situ..Dapat la satu shawl n satu sweater..haha =D

2 hot mamas =D


See???? It's a CHAMELEON!!!! =D

Then balik frm Cameron pown,jln still sesak..So, when I got home, I was exhausted not cuz byk jln tp penat dok dlm car terlalu lama..

But, puttin dat aside,mission to go on a holiday during CNY accomplished!!!! =D =D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Makan Besar CNY!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! =D

No, it's not actually mkn besar pown and no again, it's not mkn besar for CNY..It's juz me, my abah n my sis. Since my mom n my bro is out of town (they went balik kg), so we tiga beranak decided to have dinner outside(actually mls na cook) N since I like to comment on food, so here it goes..

Location: Lupa na check out da name, if I'm nt mistaken,'Tomyam and Western sumthin', Setiawangsa
Price range: Murah jew =)

My sis n abah =) Gamba gelap ckit lak..hehe

Chicken chop nye..Ok la..=)

While waiting for da food to come, havin mini family talk;

Me: So, camne ngan trip kita ni? Kt Lumut hotel sume da full...=( =( (Actually we were plannin,after we picked up my mom n bro,to go for a family vacation at Lumut n Pangkor but sadly, truly truly sadly all da hotels r fuullyy booked!! Tu la, xna book awal2 lagi.. =(

Abah: Emmmm, kita pegi Cameron nak?

Me: Boleh gak! =)

Sis : Sume tempat full la..Xde room nye..(Actually she's nt interested in going 4 a vacation,she rather going for a shopping spree.Almaklumla tgh sale ni kan..)

Me: Alaaa try je laa...(started to piss off cuz I kno dia x interested pown..hehe =p)

Abah: K2, t lik umah kita try call.. (Abah try to prevent any sibling fight..hehe =p)

So, soon as we arrived home, we tried calling all da hotels at Cameron bt wut to expect la kan during CNY ni..of cos la sume full kan..So harapan musnah..Dok umah je la holiday ni..=(

Friday, February 12, 2010

Da Climb

My last post wuz bout my trip to Bkt Tinggi, well dis post is bout my trip to another bukit which is BUKIT BROGA. Da difference bout dis bukit is dat we have to climb all da way to da top..Kna climb tu..perrggghhh mmg menguji stamina btoll =D Da la lgsg x warm-up, mmg pancit r..=D

At starting point @ 7am

Dpt gak tgk sunrise!!! =D

Bru 1/3 perjlnan da pancit, penat dowwhhhhh..=p

Da 3/4 perjlnan..da na smpy da!! =D

Da smpy to da top!! tp ni bru first stage..oh i cant describe da feeling bile da smpy atas tu...soooooooooo gooooooodddddd!!!!!!

So below r da pictures of da superb n so-niceeeee view..ENJOY!!! =D

Heading to da 2nd stage =p

At da top =D

Sooooooo happpy!!!! =D

Na turun ke bwh lakk...Sooo scary..sgt curam!! Bt, alhamdulillah we all made it to bwh safe n sound.. =D

Already reached to the bottom..Terribly exhaustedd but still managed to put up a smile..=D

Next stop: Sg Tekala

End of da trip =D

The day after is more terrible cuz time ni la start kesengalan2 badan but when I watch back the photos n videos, all the pain seems nuthin compared to da wonderful n enjoyable experience! Truly delightful memory! =D